Solution ready for use

for the cleaning of the sterilizing chamber, instrument trays and steel surfaces.

Field of application

  • For the removes of residues of blood, disinfectants (instrument disinfection) and tissue residues
  • Removes powerfully in combination with Steri­Sponge all residues, which have formed during the sterilization process, even if they are old or heavily burned into material
  • Cleans powerfully with best material compatibility (as it is free from grinding parts)

Activity ingredient basis

Quick-acting, alkaline solution for the support of the mechanical cleaning based on alcohol and tensides

Delivery form

  • REF 3130 – 500 ml
  • REF 3132 – 5 L Canister


  • REF 3126 – SteriSponge.

Safety Data Sheet SteriCleaner

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