Medically clean drying spray for quick drying

and support of the cleaning of hollow part instruments such as turbines, contra-angles, hand pieces, internally cooled instruments, endoscopes and air scaler tips, after use of WL-clean/WL-cid.

WL-dry contains: 1, 3, 3, 3-Tetrafluorprop-1-en
(R1234ze; CAS-nr.: 29118-24-9)

Field of application

Removing of residues of cleaning and disinfection agents and maintenance products and drying of spray channels and inner surfaces.


100% chemical inert propellant, meets the hygienic requirements on “medical air” for the processing of medical hollow part instruments


  • drying
  • supporting the cleaning

Delivery form

  • REF 3165clinic package (4 × 300 ml spray can)
  • REF 4147StarterSet WL-dry (2 x WL-clean, 2 x WL-cid, 2 x WL-dry)
  • REF 4149combination set WL-clean (1 x WL-clean, 1 x WL-dry)
  • REF 4141combination set WL-cid (1 x WL-clean, 1 x WL-dry)

**Please note manufacturer approvals!

Instructions for use - WL-range - GB

Instruction for use - PL

Instruction for use - ESP

Instruction for use - IT

Instruction for use - FR

Instruction for use - CZ

Safety Data Sheet WL-dry

Manual processing of instruments
The WL-series consists of products for the inner cleaning, disinfection and drying of dental hollow part instruments, e. g. turbines, contra-angles and hand pieces.
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