PlastiSept eco Wipes 50 & PlastiSept eco JumboWipes 50

JumboWipes 50

Alcohol-free wet wipes

for the cleaning and disinfection of sensitive surfaces of medical devices such as medical and dental units (incl. upholstery and suspension tables) and X-ray machines, particularly with acrylic glass or metal surfaces.
Approved amongst others by Dentsply Sirona.

Efficacy/Certification/Contact times (undiluted)

  • bactericidal (1min.) incl. TBC (5 min.) and suitable for hospitalism prophylaxis
  • yeasticidal (1 min.)
  • virus inactivating according to EN 16777, active against all enveloped „blood-borne“ viruses, such as HBV, HCV, HIV, influenza, BVDV, vaccinia (5 min.) as well as non-enveloped noro-viruses (120 min.)
  • certified by VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene)/DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology), surface disinfection with mechanics

Active ingredient basis

  • Current, alcohol-free, aldehyde-free and QAC-free formulation based on sec. and tert. alkylamines

Delivery form

  • PlastiSept eco Wipes 50 (á 50 g/m², 14 × 20 cm)

REF 4642 – StarterSet, 2 dispenser boxes, empty with 2 refill-bags
REF 4643 – carton with 6 refill-bags

  • PlastiSept eco JumboWipes 50 (á 50 g/m², 21 × 26 cm)

REF 4623 – dispenser box with 70 wipes
REF 4624 – carton with 12 refill-bags


  • REF 4602 – Wall dispenser for Jumbo-Box

Safty Data sheet

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