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PlastiSept eco - Surface disinfection without QAC

Alcohol-free, aldehyde-free and QAC-free disinfectant ready for use. Especially suitable for alcohol sensitive surfaces of medical devices as treatment units (e. g. upholstery, head rests), suspension tables, in the X-ray area (e. g. chin rests at OPG), surfaces of instruments (e. g. turbines, contra-angles, ultrasonic scalers etc.) and surfaces of acrylic glass (also for solarium beds).


  • Free of substances damaging the material or allergenic and sensitizing substances
  • Particularly gentle on all materials
  • Free of alcohol and QAC
  • Effecitve: Bactericidal incl. TBC and MRSA, yeasticidal and virucidal against enveloped viruses in carriertest (DVV 2012) incl. HBV, HCV, HIV, herpes simplex, influenza, BVDV, vaccinia, corona viruses as well as non-enveloped noro viruses

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