Solution ready for use

for the decontamination and prevention of biofilm formation in procedural water lines of medical and dental units.

In treatment water lines in medical treatment units and dental units.

Field of application

Disinfection solution ready for use for the application e. g. in the Weekend-System II / BCS as well as other autarkic medical water supply systems at least once to twice a week.
Bilpron is used for the disinfection and long-lasting removal of biofilm in the water lines (incl. instrument tubes and tumbler filler) of all medical and dental treatment units.

  • Removes organic as well as inorganic residues (e.g. lime stone) in a safe and reliable way
  • Effective against a broad spectrum of germs
  • Prevents the new formation of biofilm
  • Non-corrosive
  • Ready for use
  • Contact time in the dental unit: until the next working day at least 12 hours, long term preservation up to 3 months possible


  • bactericidal
  • fungicidal

Activity basis

  • biguanides, PHB-esters


  • Approval for idle time/long term disinfection amongst others by Sirona Dental, Planmeca, Takara Belmont, TGA, Ritter, Heka Dental. Chirana-Medical in preparation.

Delivery form

  • REF 3181- 6 × 1 ltr. Bottle
  • REF 3179-N – Bilpron Starterset
    (composed of 1 ltr. Bilpron, 10 g PreCleaner, 100 ml BRS-NaOCI, 160 g BRS Remover, 20 ml BRS Aktivator)
  • REF 3081 – Measuring cup (500 ml)

Remark: no permanent adding

Safety Data Sheet Bilpron