Liquid concentrate for decontamination and disinfection

For optimal hygiene of process water in dental unit water lines with and without dosing device.

Field of application

Alpron is a concentrated liquid for the continuous decontamination of process water in DUWL of dental treatment units (including the instrumentation and the tumbler filler).

  • Inhibits the regrowth of germs
  • Removes and prevents the formation of algae
  • Prevents the sedimentation of lime and deposits
  • Non-corrosive


  • bactericidal
  • yeasticidal

Activity basis

  • biguanides, tosylchloramide sodium

Delivery form

  • REF 3184 – 4 × 1 ltr. Alpron
  • REF 3177-N – Alpron Starterset
    (composed of 1 ltr. Alpron, 10 g PreCleaner, 100 ml BRS-NaOCI, 160 g BRS Remover, 20 ml BRS Aktivator)