Disinfecting liquid concentrate

for the daily cleaning and maintenance of dental aspiration systems with and without amalgam separator.


For a reliable cleaning, disinfection and care it is recommended to use AlproJet-D on 3 days a week, each 1 – 2 x per day (at noon, evening) instead of AlproJet-W. For one application 2 l of a 5 % solution are needed. Let take effect for at least 30 min.; Rinse well with water through aspirating tubes and spittoon bowl just before starting to work.
Please follow the manufacturer‘s instructions.


  • bactericidal
  • yeasticidal
  • virus-inactivating: HCV (BVDV)

Active ingredient basis

  • Highly effective aldehyde-free, phenol-free and chlorine-free cleaning- and disinfacting concentrate based on QAC, tensides and alkali carriers


  • AlproJet-D is highly compatible with materials such as plastics, rubber and non-ferrous metals, alloyed steels etc.


  • Approved amongst others by Sirona Dental.

Delivery form

  • REF 3104 – 1 L dosage bottle
  • REF 3100 – 10 L can
  • REF 3103 – 10 L cubitainer
  • REF 3124-N – AlproJet-D Starterset
    (composed of: 1 × 1 L dosage bottle AlproJet-D, 1 × 1 L dosage bottle AlproJet-W, 1 × 10 L can AlproJet-D, 1 × 5 L can AlproJet-W, 2 x Dispenser for 5 and 10 L can, 1 x AlproJet System, 1 × 500 ml squeeze bottle AlproCleaner, 1 × 100 ml sample bottle SteriCleaner, 1 × 100 ml Flasche SteriFluid, 1 x Hygiene plan, 1 x Product information for application)


  • REF 3085 – AlproJet MixCup.
    Multifunction container for the cleaning and maintenance of the Aspiration System.

Instructions for use - AlproJet

Instructions for use - AlproJet special application

Application of AlproJet-D
AlproJet-D is a highly efficient liquid concentrate for the daily cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of dental aspiration and separation systems. The application is easy: Rinse the aspirating tubes and the spittoon bowl drain one or two times a day with each one litre solution with five percent AlproJet-D.