BIB forte eco

BIB forte eco

High performance disinfection (QAC-free)

Liquid concentrate free of aldehydes, phenols and QAC for the non protein fixing cleaning and disinfection of medical/dental instruments and rotating precision instruments. Excellent material compatibility with endoscopes as well.

Tested at instruments of company Komet, furthermore approved and recommended by Acurata, Busch & Co, Dentsply Maillefer, VDW, Helmut Zepf and Oridima.

Field of application

Highly effective liquid concentrate for the cleaning and disinfection of

  • general dental and medical instruments (diagnostic, preserving and surgical instruments such as extracting forceps, root elevators, dental mirrors, rigid and flexible endoscopes etc.)
  • dental rotating instruments such as steel-, hard metal-, diamond-, surgery burrs and carbide burrs, crown cutters, root canal instruments, rubber polish

Durability period

  • 7 days at normal contamination

Efficacy / Certification

  • bactericidal (incl. TBC, MRSA)
  • yeasticidal
  • virus inactivating
    • virucidal (acc. to DVV 2012 after the pre-cleaning with AlproZyme, acc. to RKI in ultrasonic devices)
    • enveloped viruses incl. HBV, HCV, HIV, Herpes simplex, influenza (H1N1, H5N1), BVDV, vaccinia
    • non enveloped adeno-, noro-, polio- and parvoviruses (EN 14476 resp. DVV 2012)
  • CJD-prophylaxis, meets the requirements of the RKI (pH>=10)
  • VAH/DGHM listed – Instrument disinfection at high organic load

Material compatibility

The extremely high corrosion-inhibiting properties could even be improved by the QAC-free formulation, thus instruments sensitive to corrosion get optimal protection.

Even with occasional exceeding of contact time BIB forte eco is absolutely compatible with the materials.

Environmental compatibility

BIB forte eco is completely free of aldehydes and phenols, highly effective, safe to use and economic (application solution at 0,5 to 4 %). BIB forte eco is extremely compatible with materials as it is free of QAC and alkalis, chlorinated hydrocarbons and halogens. BIB forte eco is biodegradable according to OECD.

Activity basis

  • modern combination of alkylamine and guanidine

Delivery form

  • REF 3741 – 1 ltr. Dosage bottle
  • REF 3740 – 4 × 1 ltr. Dosage bottle
  • REF 3742 – 5 ltr. Canister

Standardized work instruction - BIB forte eco (instruments)

Standardized work instruction - BIB forte eco (rotary instruments)

Safety Data Sheet BIB forte eco

Application of BIB forte eco and MinutenWipes
BIB forte eco is a liquid concentrate for the non protein fixing cleaning and disinfection of medical / dental instruments and rotating precision instruments.